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A Comprehensive Guide to Vorta History, Culture, and Geography

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     The Vorta are perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all races. They are perceived to be deceitful, treacherous, arrogant, slimy, and above all, evil. With their large lavender eyes, soft voices, elegant mannerisms, and exotic beauty, one is almost in disbelief that they can perform any sort of wrong-doing. It is a great irony that the aggressive Klingons, avaricious Ferengi, and fickle humans are all considered more trustworthy races than the Vorta. No one except perhaps the Changeling Odo has ever considered that the Vorta's actions could stem from the fact that they were cloned to possess those dishonorable traits. One might also notice oddly that the Vorta have never fired a phaser or wielded a dagger against an opponent, not even in self-defense. Without their Jem'Hadar troops, they are seemingly helpless.
     Very little is known about the Vorta race since no one has ever visited their homeworld Kurill Prime, or taken the time to ask about their culture. However, months after the terrible war between the Dominion and Federation Alliance, a few curious visitors (some had been Dominion sympathizers) made a cautious journey to the Gamma Quadrant in order to learn about this mysterious people who had an overwhelming influence in the running of the Dominion. Of course, the Vorta did not exactly welcome the Alpha Quadrant visitors with open arms: here was a people who had almost destroyed their beloved gods with a deadly disease. But after weeks of orbiting the planet benignly and with negotiations in constant session, the Vorta finally allowed the travelers to visit their planet safely--with the JemíHadar as escorts, of course. It was the very first time anyone from outside the Gamma Quadrant had set foot on the Vorta homeworld. The travelers were amazed by the sights and rich culture that thrived as part of the Dominion.
     This guide is resulting product of the notes, interviews, documents, and various other media collected by the visitors from the Alpha Quadrant as well as information from the Vorta people themselves. New information will be published in this guide as is made available. Come in, browse around and learn about the wonders of this truly unique and charming species.

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