Vorta Related Sites

My main site! Has everything you could ever want to know about Christopher Shea, the gifted actor who played Keevan on DS9. Galleries, wavs, rare information, stage credits, upcoming projects.

     The Vorta Appreciation Webring A webring I created for those who have pages with Vorta content or are dedicated to the actors who play them.

     Kurill Prime: Home of the Vorta. The original Vorta history site, but has a different version of Kurill's history than mine. Now made into a museum because the webmistress has no time to keep it up.

   Kareel Prime  A site with a stats and biographical info on the Vorta race.

   Facts on the Vorta  Self-explanatory. Has a few wavs. and pics.

   Brushes 'n' Combs Interesting POV's on Jeff's various characters and the Vorta. Quirky humor with other interesting bits as well.

   Dominion Parodical Zone  Lots of humor and parody on our favorite Vorta and the Dominion in general. The first site on the Web that's devoted to making fun of the Dominion and putting them in a benign and friendly light.

      Keevan in b&w  Keevan looks so elegant in b&w! I recommend checking out the "smiles" section if you're in a gloomy mood; they're sure to cheer you up! He looks so cute!

   Jeffrey Combs in b&w  A sort of sister site to the KB&WPA, but with simply TONS of b&w shots of Jeff in all the films and shows he's ever appeared in. Jeff fans will rejoice! My personal favorites are from "Spoiler"--yummy (forgive me this small sacrilege, Chris! ;) )!

   The Basement  A Jeff Combs page with an odd, yet interesting sense of humor. Has fanfic and montages; some aren't suitable to younger or sensitive viewers.

   The CataCombs  The most comprehensive picture site on Jeff Combs and his various roles.

   My Vorta: A Tribute to Jeffrey Combs  Info, interviews, sounds, and pics on Jeff Combs's various roles.

   The Jeffrey Combs Page  Info and pics on Jeff Combs's various roles.

   The German Jeffrey Combs Fanclub  Not an actual fanclub, but has lots of pics and interviews in German.

   The Official Jeffrey Combs Fanclub  Self-explanatory.

   Vorta Resurrection Committee  Homepage for a group of people from the PsiPhi DS9 forum who want Vorta to infiltrate society and take over the world. They made me Historian. :)

   Gabby's Realm  A site that has Weyoun wavs and pics.

Vorta Fanfic

   Vorta Vortex  Vorta fanfic in all kinds of genres, ranging from NC-17 to PG rated. Some of them are actually very good, but read at your own risk.

Vorta Discussion Groups

   WooHoo Forum  A free forum started by Dr. Selar where you can talk mostly about Jeff Combs and Chris Shea and lots of other stuff in general (i.e., the topic doesn't necessarily have to do with Vorta). Very fun and active.

   Vortaphiles  A free forum where Vortaphiles can discuss their favorite subject.

   Christopher Shea mailing list  Subscribe to receive news of Chris's latest happenings and talk about his roles.