Important People

Significant Vorta of the Dominion

The following are psychographic profiles that have been obtained on various individuals of varying signifigance. They have been listed in order of appearance.

Original Eris: =telepathic powers exceptional

Eris 3: Eris is the very first Vorta to establish first contact with the Federation, and Captain Sisko at that. Her field experience makes her a valuable agent as well as advisor to newly-cloned Vorta, specializing in telekinetic strengthening training. Though some females wear shoulder-length hair pulled back and dress in slightly revealing clothes in an attempt to distract male adversaries, Eris prefers her hair cropped short so she does not have to worry about it falling into her face and favored dark, standard attire. Her large eyes are the palest shade of lilac, almost clear, making her expression one of constant surprise upon her oval face.

Original Borath: scientist through and through has a large nose and gray-violet eyes set in an angular face; his irises darkened to a deep purple when he grew angry. As a successful behavioral scientist, he was regarded with respect and given ample time and resources on his various experiments. His techniques and results had proven time and time again useful and informative to the Dominion

Borath 2: Borath has a slightly disdainful air about him, looking down upon others, and once even dared to boldly question a Founder’s decision. When the Female Founder had ordered him to terminate his experimentation on the reaction of Sisko and his small crew to a simulated Dominion invasion three years ago, he had been sorely disappointed; it had been a fascinating and engrossing project while it lasted. The young Vorta Keevan was one of his best and most devious students; the scientist had gradually come to care for him deeply as a son. In some aspects, Keevan reminds him of himself; defiant, arrogant, ambitious, willing to follow his own path. They still sometimes converse together whenever the opportunity presents itself. Contrary to popular belief, Borath is not a cloning scientist.

Weyoun 4-8


Deyos: cruel, bored, haughty, never killed anyone himself but has ordered the deaths of many prisoners in his internment camp, snooty, mean, petulant

Original Keevan: Keevan has a straight nose, pouty lips, elegant neck, and slightly curly black hair. He has large eyes that look like liquid amethysts (a rare shade), complemented with long, dark lashes. He is tall, slender, graceful, and is blessed with a beautiful velvety voice.
     Keevan has a most distinctive ability for singing. He was born into a family of musicians in the Drenkantha province. He could play the vilondron quite well, but voice was his primary interest. Music was a secondary pursuit to his parents, but to him it meant everything. He worked hard, entered and won many competitions, and eventually rose to the next level to become a professional singer. Once, he had the great honor of being asked to perform at the Pelanora Concert Hall.
     The Terapha Genetics Commission chose him as a prime candidate for cloning because of his gifted intelligence, wily cunning, and quick-thinking skills; he could find unexpected solutions in seemingly impossible test situations and scenarios. His exceptional telepathic abilities and strikingly handsome features were additional, favorable traits. At the age of fifty-seven--roughly the equivalent of twenty-six human years--he was one of the youngest initiates to ever be accepted by the Commission. The Ging’Vari War Council took also notice of him, brought him in for testing, and finally asked if he would donate some genetic material for use in the Dominion. Greatly honored, he agreed, and after Ging’Vari obtained necessary clearance with Terapha, the first of many Keevans was cloned. The original Keevan has no wish to participate in military affairs, staying with his music.

Keevan 1: Keevan carries himself proudly, arrogance and smug superiority a natural expression on his face. He is aloof and devious with a quick-thinking mind, and he is the only Vorta who gets straight to the point without indulging in mind games and lies. He is also unconsciously seductive, walking with a sauntering gait, his voice a sensuous purr. His curious affinity for anthropology made him a favorite for the Founders to send on diplomatic and spy missions. He has a defiant and rebellious nature.
     Keevan's independent actions led him to trouble on returning from a major mission during the start of the Dominion War. Ignoring the warnings of Third Remata'Klan, he ordered his ship into an uncharted dark matter nebula out of curiosity. Controls went awry and the ship crashed into a barren planet, killing all but 10 of his soldiers. Keevan himself was severely injured in a crash when a dislodged beam from the ceiling speared deeply into his left side. He and the remaining Jem'Hadar made shelter in a cave and salvaged what supplies they could, including a communications system that was in need of repair.
     Even though he made a wrong decision, Keevan refused to admit it, and did not promote Remata'Klan to the position of First. He was in a dire situation: it would be at least 10 days until the Dominion could be contacted and he was running out of ketracel white, his troops beginning to suffer from withdrawal. He also refused to activate his termination implant, wanting to live at all costs. He had lost all faith in the founders.
     Fortunately for Keevan, Captain Benjamin Sisko and his crew crashed onto the same planet a few hours later, and the capture of the Cardassian tailor Garak and Ferengi Cadet Nog was beneficial in that they could be exchanged for a doctor. After Keevan was properly healed, he proceeded to tell Sisko about sending his men on a suicide mission in attacking the Starfleet camp. His was a shrewd plan, and Sisko had no choice but to comply with it. Keevan became a Starfleet POW for seven months.
     When Ishka of the Ferengi Alliance was kidnapped by the Dominion, Keevan became the barginining chip to trade for her release. During his excursion to the abandoned Cardassian station Empok Nor, Quark and the Ferengi team annoyed him beyond measure and he developed a hatred for all Ferengi. He showed fear for the first time upon hearing Yelgrun's voice bellowing for them to come out. He was inadvertently killed by Gaila over a squabble over the Ferengi's dividing up of the reward money. His corpse was then rigged with neural stimulators to give him the semblance of still being alive. The Ferengi, of course, were sucessful, and captured Yelgrun in the process. Keevan's corpse was left repeatedly banging into the wall until a few days later when Yelgrun's Jem'Hadar troops came back a few days later as was originally agreed, and retrieved the body for proper disposal.

Keevan 2: Keevan 2 was activated as soon as Keevan 1's body was brought back to a cloning facility.


Original YelgrunWhen he had turned seventy, Yelgrun applied for a Field Supervisor position but was rejected again and again by the Ging’Vari War Council who saw that his abilities were not up to their standards. His telepathic abilities were hardly worth mentioning: the most he could exhibit was sensing emotions. For several years, he worked on perfecting his techniques with numerous failures, but was finally accepted when he was 105--forty-three Terran years old. Ging’Vari had only accepted him because they needed a hasty replacement for the death of Field Supervisor Caedran; the supply of genetic material for Caedran had been mysteriously contaminated, making him unsuitable for future cloning. Yelgrun had no true desire to be cloned, but since it was a requirement from the Council, he acquiesced. Yelgrun bears an uncanny resemblence to 21st century Earth punk rock musician Iggy Pop.

Yelgrun 1: Yelgrun has a bony frame, an impatient temperament, and gray eyes that hold only a trace of violet. Some find his unusually deep voice amusing when he throws a fit over such trivial matters as waiting a few minutes too long for a transport to arrive. After five years, he is still in his first incarnation, a strange occurrence amongst cloned Vorta. He is sent only on minor missions, but is a good negotiator: straightforward in his dealings, performing tasks quickly. He has few friends, but strangely no major enemies; he is merely disliked by his peers because of his air of perpetual boredom. But other than the fact that he speaks with a strange drawl, and is still in his first incarnation after a lengthy period of time, he is fairly normal as far as Vorta are concerned. While others see his incarnation longevity as an oddity, he prides himself on fact that he is shrewd enough to keep himself from getting killed so frequently like other clones.