Important Organizations of Kurill

Terapha Genetics Commission: The most important and oldest organization on all of Kurill located in the capital city. Established during the beginning of Dominion rule, the Commission consists of 15 members--3 of the top scientists from each continent. It is in charge of finding suitable Vorta to fill positions of scientists, spies, ambassadors, and other non-military personnel. The Commission selects only those Vorta with the best and most desirable traits for cloning. Occasionally, the Commission will actively search for suitable candidates through months of observation on the candidate in question. Each candidate undergoes a series of trials that test various skills such as intelligence, ingenuity, and skill in the desired field (though a progenitor does not necessarily have to be employed in that profession in order to be cloned for that position). Bonus traits are appealing physical appearance and voice. Vorta are usually reach the age of 65 before they become potential candidates, but a few rare exceptions are made for younger individuals with particularly exceptional ability.

Ging'Vari War Council: Ging'Vari takes care of Jem'Hadar training and the selection of Field Supervisors, and works jointly with the Terapha Genetics Commission. The headquarters are located in the capital city; there are other branches located in various parts of the world to divide up the task of selecting and testing candidates. Ultimately, all final applicants are sent up to the main office for more testing and a final decision. After a Vorta is accepted, he or she is then sent to Terapha for further approval and gene donation.