Let the Vorta Be Your Guides to Great Fashion That Gets Results!

Sensible, Smart Tips for the Aesthetically Challenged!

Suave!One must admit that, ironically, the Vorta have one of the most unique and elegant fashions in all the Quadrants. Their look is sophisticated and professional without being severe, yet relaxed and comfortable without being sloppy. The asymmetrical design of jackets and shirts bring uniqueness to the boring, common symmetric styles of the quadrants. Sure, their clothing may look a little lopsided, but it draws the eye and makes it linger longer, doesnít it? The subtle prints and use of differently textured cloth also adds a certain stylish flavor to the clothes. The Vorta let people know that they arenít cookie cutter servants of the Dominion: they are classy servants of the Dominion! Of course, an exception is made for the JemíHadar who have no need for fashion as it is a wasteful commodity on ruthless soldiers!

The Clothes

Go for the layered look: a light jacket over a matching or complimentary tunic. . .

I must remember to take these to the dry cleaners.       

. . . but donít overdo it with the shoulder pads as they make you look too broad for your body. You're a negotiator, not an 21th-century Earth football player!

Harlequin patterns aren't my taste.  Really.  The Founders made me wear it, the Founders!

Add boots and pants that match either your tunic and jacket and youíve got the perfect ensemble for work or leisure!

Yelgrun prefers loafers.         Love those boots!         How does Kilana walk in those spike-heeled boots?

A patterned, textured look is ideal for diplomats and negotiators who want to appear their best before meetings. . .

Power suit!        Borath does a little turn on the catwalk.

. . . but solid colors and subtle patterns are always popular and serviceable if simplistic elegance is desired. They are also easier to pick out and match to your liking.

Keevan models 21st century Calvin Klein.

Dark colors are the most popular and safest bet as it blends in with every other uniform and casual piece of clothing out there in the quadrants. Brighter colors are more becoming and flattering on individuals who are younger in appearance and are also new for spring.

A new look for the Paris runways. A plunging neckline is suitable for females who are attempting to disarm male adversaries. Show off your assets and attract or distract! Itís proof that you donít have to dress down like a dabo girl in order to look enticing. Leaving something to the imagination is better than baring all.

Call the fashion police!The baggy look was out about a millennium ago; Vorta love form-fitting soft fabrics that show off their slender bodies, but are not too tight that they reveal every single curve. That apron-looking thing is definitely a fashion faux pas! You want to dress smartly like a businessman, not a cook! Get with the times, Yelgrun!

The Makeup

Brought to you by Max Factor.Even though light makeup is practical for most purposes, don't be afraid to go a little wild and tempting if you are trying to lure someone into sealing a deal. Bold colors are becoming popular for summer and fall. Kilana's favorite combination is a racy mix of red-violet and dark gray eyeshadow, rich wine rose lipstick to bring out her full lips, and light blush on the cheeks. Since a Vorta's ears are curved and high, the Vorta tend to accessorize with dangly earrings. "These are latinum-plated," Kilana had said proudly during a conference on Risa, tossing her head and making her earrings jingle. Glittery Tiberian fire diamond studs are especially flattering, but donít pierce your ears more than three times each as you donít want to appear gaudy. You just want to add a little sparkle to your look.

Alas, sometimes even makeup used in moderation can be applied the wrong way. Luaran used too much black eyeliner which only emphasized the pallor of her pale skin. The burgundy rouge also stands out starkly instead of warming her features.


Instead, take a lesson from Eris: her makeup is light and subdued enough to be appropriate for the workplace. A little gray eyeshadow and dusky plum lipstick complements lighter eyes perfectly like Erisís lilac orbs. Such colors soften the appearance and lends a more feminine touch.

Don't hate me because I'm 
beautiful.Unlike some races, Vorta males are not afraid to experiment with a little makeup! A little gray or tan eyeshadow can bring out those beautiful purple peepers and charm the uniforms off your intended adversary! A prime example is Keevan who enhances his deceptively-innocent amethyst eyes with stormy gray. "I must say," Keevan had remarked in a recent interview with Dominion Chic magazine, "Iíve attracted quite a number of Dominion sympathizers just by doing this--" [lowers his eyes halfway, tilts his head, and smiles] "Itís amazing how one simple look can ensnare a person. I didnít even have to launch into some lengthy speech about how it would be in one's best interest to ally or surrender themselves to the Dominion."

Not the face, not the face!Ambassador Weyoun is a significant person of power who brushes on a little cinnamon brown on his eyelids to bring out those mournful lavenders, essential since ambassadors need to maintain an pleasing image and make a lot of eye contact. "You won't believe the number of negotiations and treaties that I've heard fall through simply because the representitives didn't look honest regarding their physical appearance!" Weyoun had said in the latest issue of Dominion Politics Quarterly.

Without proper enhancement, and having the misfortune of working in constant bad lighting, one might end up looking perpetually ghastly like poor Deyos. An internment camp is hardly the ideal place to show off your best features!

I need a laxative.

A Vorta must choose eyeshadow on the basis of his or her working environment. If one works in harsh lighting, gray or light brown or not applying eyeshadow is best. . .

Dum--da dum dum DUMMMMM!!

. . .but if one works in warm lighting, such as that given off by fire or outside, then perhaps a light tan or blush pink would suit better.

Did somebody say McDonald's?

The Skin

Proud spokesmodel for cream 
of hipecat.All Vorta are born/cloned with smooth, flawless skin. Because their skin tone is the color of fine marble or peaches'n'cream in the right light, any imperfections that appear on it are immediately noticed and easily eradicated. Beauty marks are rare, but accepted. After the end of the war between the Dominion and Federation Alliance, Ishka of the Ferengi Alliance was said to be traveling around Kurill Prime giving skin care tips to all the inhabitants. "Vorta are too pale!" Ishka had exclaimed during one of her lectures on Kurill. "I think it stems from the fact that they stay cooped up in their labs and administrative offices all day instead of going out and getting a little sun once in a while. Thereís a great tanning salon on Vulcan I recommend--spend some R&R there and it would sure add some healthy color to their complexions." Keep skin clean and clear by washing daily and applying moisturizer where needed.

The Hair

Avoid flat or high do's as it makes the hair look artificial; people can tell if you've used too much "Extra Hold" hairspray.

Too high!        Too flat!

Really, do you want someone constantly coming up to you and asking, ďPardon me, sir/maíam, but where might I find a wig like yours? Itíd be ideal for my masquerade party.Ē Instead go for soft curls like Keevan. . .

Shampoo and conditioner by Paul Mitchell.

. . .or let your hair down in a flowing cascade like Kilana. Shoulder-length is ideal for special business, political, and scientific fields while Vorta of other professions can be more liberal.

Little Miss Muffet is sick of her curds and whey.

Most Vorta--like Weyoun--abide by the standard style as it is easy to maintain.

Mommy, it's dark in here!

And last, but certainly not least, good dental hygeine! A charming smile will surely win your audience over!

Keevan's infamous, 'You're doomed!' smile.        Kilana's, 'Let's be sensible, Benjamin' smile.        Weyoun's typical, 'We're all friends here'
smile.        Borath is actually smiling just to be friendly.

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