Vorta mate for life. Partners are chosen with extreme care and often know each other for a long period of time; some have even spent their entire lives looking for the ideal mate. If a mate dies, the other often remains widowed for many years, rarely taking on another lover; they are forever faithful to their first love. It is rare for clones to take on mates, but if they do, they adhere to the same traditions and faithfulness without wavering in their devout loyalty to the Founders.

     Promiscuity is practically unheard of, but there is the occasional individual out there who, rebelling against societal norm, does practice sex with multiple partners.

     Males and females are considered equals.

     culture is rich in the arts=music and architecture and literature

     strong in diplomatic tasks as well as the sciences, especially genetics

     The Vorta have tightly-knit family groups and often live in clans. They are fiercely protective of loved ones, willing to do anything to defend them. Couples show affection in public by hugging, holding hands, staying close to their partner, rubbing cheeks, and occasional ear nipping. Kissing is done in private except at weddings. Same-sex couples are accepted and are considered part of the norm.

     Vorta children are remarkably well-behaved, polite, and as a telepathic race like the Betazoids, learn at an early age not to invade others’ private thoughts. They are sent to special schools to learn how to enhance and use their powers properly.

     Vorta commit suicide when captured. This is so that they cannot be interrogated or tortured by the enemy, keeping vital information safe.

     Vorta keep psychographic profiles on all their adversaries and employees alike. These profiles contain incredibly detailed information about an individual, from the position they hold in an organization to their favorite foods. "We know things about you that you probably don't even know yourself," Weyoun once remarked upon his meeting with Captain Sisko. Ever since the Federation established first contact with the Dominion, Captain Sisko's profile has been required reading for all Field Supervisors.

Objects, Rituals, and Places

Dominion mechanical pencil: A writing utensil bearing the Dominion's colors that seems to be a relic from the 21st century. A person can write messages on parchament by holding the pencil like a stylus; clicking at the top feeds out the graphite that serves as the "ink." An eraser is located at the top of the mechanism. The pencil was made by the Clickster Company, an apparent Dominion sympathizer. The first one of its kind was discovered by a young Vulcan female by the name of FaCh, one of many curious travelers to the Vorta homeworld. Here is her personalized account of obtaining this curious artifact. A picture of the pencil can also be found on her page.

Field Supervisor: Title and rank given to any Vorta who performs missions for the Dominion and is given the charge of a troop of Jem'Hadar.

lifemate bond: A bond that is initiated between two consenting mated Vorta. A small amount of blood from the two Vorta is smeared onto the taeyonin’s jewel. The sphere is placed onto the wearer’s left hand while the other places his/her right hand over it and the chain is looped about both Vorta’s middle and index fingers. The ritual is then initiated by chants in Da’lhari and the bond is completed when the jewel flares brightly. An unbreakable telepathic bond is then established between the two Vorta, marking them unseparable from each other even in long distances. It goes a step further in clones: every incarnation after the bonded one still remains bonded.

Pelanora Concert Hall: A famous music facility in Pelanora, renowned throughout Kurill. In order to have a performance there, a musician must undergo rigorous auditions. Only the best perform there along with a variety of professional orchestras and special guest musicians. The original Keevan had such a privilege, performing as a soloist with the Zebulon Symphony Orchestra. A copy of the original promotional poster was found in the archives of the Hall and brought back as a souvenir.

psychographic profile : Extremely detailed reports kept on every Dominion citizen as well as their adversaries. Captain Benjamin Sisko's profile is required reading for all Vorta Field Supervisors.

songwood: A beautiful variety of wood that is strangely warm to the touch and has a wondrous capability for producing tone. The wood has shifting variants of color like the flames of maple. The wood is best used for making vilondrons, flutes, and other musical instruments.

taeyonin: A silver choker with a gem that hangs suspended inside the center of a wire sphere without the aid of a separate chain or setting. Only specialized Vorta silversmiths know the secret of making a taeyonin which is a delicate process. The gem can be any of any precious stone; it depends on the proposing Vorta’s choosing. This piece of jewelry is only worn by mated Vorta; it is the Terran equivalent of a wedding ring. Mysteriously, the taeyonin’s brilliance fails to shine after the wearer’s death. It is also essential to the lifemate bonding ritual.

termination implant: A device located beneath the brainstem of every cloned Vorta that can be activated by applying firm pressure under the chin and behind the ear using one's right thumb and index finger. Death is not instantaneous, but it is quick and also painful.

tilovan sugar wand: A confection made from the juices of the tilovan plant hardened into a wand and used to sweeten drinks.

vilondron: A musical instrument similar to an Earth violin except it has three silk strings, is played with a curved bow, and is made from a slender piece of songwood. The most flattering varnishes that are used are deep blues that have a shifting silver sheen, and crimson with a gold sheen.

Vorta wedding ceremony: usually has close friends and musicians playing music. A Changeling or Vorta can seal the wedding vows, but ever since Dominion rule, a Changeling is much more preferable. The Vorta place their left hands over the other’s chest and cover the hands with their right. The Changeling then morphs his/her hands over the Vorta’s hands .wedding ceremonies usually take place outside where there is earth, water, and sky present, usually a forest with lake or by the sea.

yristhvir: A dagger that is seven inches long with the blade gradually tapering cylindrically to be one inch in diameter. Flicking a hidden lever on the handle, ten pairs of wicked needles that curve down toward the hilt spring out from either side of the blade. It can be used as a severe torture implement or weapon.